Hello. I am Ahmad Shah Idil.


After BoS was hacked a lot of people started emailing and messaging me on FB for my HSC notes. I thought I'd save myself the trouble, so here they all are. Thanks for all the nice emails and messages, but my inbox is messy enough. If I manage to find any more notes or essays from any other subjects I'll upload them here too.

All free and no registration. I should probably fix up the terrible ads a little bit, but ah well. If anyone wants to help me buy back www.ahmadshahidil.com contact me. Leave a nice comment.

  • Edit: 26/08/13, made the ads a little less terrible! Hooray!
  • Edit: 30/05/14, made the notes index for easier viewing.
  • Edit: 11/03/16, forgot to renew my domain, GoDaddy munched it up. Bought another domain.
  • Edit: 05/07/16, converted everything to .pdf because, let's be honest, it was about time.

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